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The story starts in June 2011 when La Molisana sponsors popular singers Lucio Dalla and Renato Zero performing in a concert to fight against drilling in the amazing Tremiti Islands (along Puglie's coasts) and save them from a possible environmental disaster, in case of accident.

After 5 years Italian people will be called to vote in the Referendum against drilling in the sea. The invite is express an opinion about the extraction of oil and gas by stations placed on the sea-zone within 12 miles from the seashore. In this occasion La Molisana revives its campaign and gives its contribution to the cause.

However the message doesn't aim to influence referendum's outcomes but openly convey that companies are interested in opening a dialog with governments regarding a new energy politic, focused on renewable resources. No drill only fusilli is meant to be a manifesto that sees the industries in the front line to fight for putting Italy's strategic energetic choice at centre of public debate, in order to create a fair and innovative economic scenario.

La Molisana, in its first five years of life after the acquisition by the Ferro Group, is committed to significantly reduce its environmental footprint and optimize energy efficiency according to the principles of cogeneration by installing a new cooling and power plant. The system allows to produce electricity for production cycle, calories and frigories for heating water to be introduced in the production process and the conditioning inside the offices. The investment, that made us independent in the supply of energy guarantees a remarkable saving in terms of operating costs and has allowed to obtain high operating parameters by reducing the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere with savings of several tons of CO2.