Cannelloni n.312 stuffed with sicula


Cannelloni n.312 stuffed with sicula



  • Cannelloni n.312 La Molisana   n.4 pieces
  • Sheep ricotta cheese   500g
  • Chocolate chips   50g
  • Icing sugar   100g
  • Marsala liquor   1\2 small cup
  • Cinnamon   to taste
  • Extra virgin olive oil   to taste
  • Stainless steel tube  


Cook the Cannelloni 312 for 4 minutes in unsalted water, drain and leave to cool covered in a damp cloth. Put a 45° cut in the centre of the cannelloni, in order to obtain two parts, allowing to insert the special stainless steel tube. Heat some oil in a pan and once it has reached the correct temperature, fry the half cannelloni and put them aside.

In a bowl sieve the ricotta cheese, add the icing sugar, chocolate chips and the marsala. Whisk quickly, until the liquor is fully absorbed into the compost. Add the cinnamon, mixing well with a spatula and finally fill the half cannelloni with the cream mixture. For the best result, leave the ricotta cheese to rest in the fridge for a day.

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