Seafood flavoured Fusili Lunghi Bucati n.308


Seafood flavoured Fusili Lunghi Bucati n.308



  • Fusilli Lunghi Bucati 308 La Molisana   320g
  • Mussels   400g
  • Squid, already cleaned   250g
  • Veraci clams   400g
  • Prawn tails   200g
  • Datterino tomatoes   300g
  • Extra-virgin olive oil  
  • Parsley   1 bunch
  • Garlic cloves   2 pieces
  • Spicy chili pepper  
  • Salt   to taste


In a pan brown the garlic in olive oil. Add the chili pepper and the tomatoes cut in cubes, cook for a few minutes. Add the squid cut into thin strips, the prawn tails without shells, the mussels and the clams. Add salt. Cover with a lid and bring the cooking to an end.

In a pot with abundant salted water cook the long tubular Fusilli, drain them al dente and dress them with the prepared sauce, sprinkling the chopped parsley on top.

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