Gnocchi Potato with chickpeans and sliced pork


Gnocchi Potato with chickpeans and sliced pork



  • Gnocchi Potato La Molisana   170g
  • Dried chickpeas   50g
  • Sliced pork   40g
  • Cherry tomatoes   70g
  • Extra vergin olive oil   10g
  • Garlic   n.1 clove
  • Fresh rosemary   n.1 sprig
  • Salt   to taste


Soak the chickpeans overnight.

Boil until tender then set aside, saving some of the cooking liquid.

Dice the pork into small cubes and sauté it in a frying pan with oil, garlic and rosemary. Add the cherry tomatoes, previously washed and cut into fourths. Combine the boiled chickpeas along with a cup of their cooking liquid. Simmer 5 minutes and season with salt.

In boiling salted water cook the Potato Gnocchi and drain them as soon as they rise to the surface. Add the Potato Gnocchi into the frying pan with the sauce and heat thoroughly for a few minutes before serving.

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