Linguine Integrali n.6 salad


Linguine Integrali n.6 salad



  • Linguine Integrali n. 6 La Molisana  
  • Broccoli (only the florets and all of the same size)  
  • Peas (fresh or frozen)  
  • Peeled shrimp  
  • Spoon of soy sauce (optional)  
  • Spoon of extra virgin olive oil  
  • Clove of garlic  
  • Grated ginger  
  • Carrots  
  • Spoons of toasted sesame seeds  


Put on the fire a pot with plenty of salted water. Cut the florets of the broccoli, possibly of the same size, if they are too big cut in half.

Peel the carrots and slice them up, then cut them into slices. As soon as the water boils pour in the vegetables and the peas with the pasta.

Stick to the cooking time written on the package 7-8 minutes. Meantime warm in a wide pan the extra virgin oil with the mashed garlic and the grated ginger.

Remove the garlic after a while. Drain the Linguine Integrali 6 La Molisana and the vegetables and pour everything in the pan. Stir-fry with the ginger flavoring, add the peeled shrimp and the soy sauce. Add some ladles of cooking water if needed. Mix thoroughly and when the shrimps are cooked (a few minutes) sprinkle the toasted sesame seeds. Serve immediately.

Recipe made by  Nato sotto il Cavolo.