Sagnette Rigate n.74 with chickpeas and black cabbage


Sagnette Rigate n.74 with chickpeas and black cabbage



  • Pre-cooked chickpeas   qb
  • Cabbage leaves   500g
  • Cloves of garlic   n.12
  • Small fresh chillies   n.4
  • Small carrots   n.2
  • Onion   n.2
  • Stalk of celery   n.1
  • Black peppercorns   n.1
  • Glass of red wine   n.4
  • Extra virgin olive to taste   n.1
  • Hot water to taste   qb
  • Salt to taste   qb
  • Sale   qb


Prepare two large saucepans and a pan.

Fill one of the pots with salted water and put to boil at high temperature.

Meantime clean the celery from its filements peel the carrot and the onion and blend the three vegetables in a mixer.

Crush a clover of garlic and put it in a saucepan add 3 spoons of extra virgin olive oil and the blended vegetables fry slightly. Deglaze with the wine, remove the garlic and add 3\4 of chickpeas. Mix well, and add the pepper. After a few minutes pour hot water in the saucepan it must overpass the level of the chickpeas of 5cm. Cover and cook over low heat.

Meantime parboil the cabbage leaves for a minute in the saucepan where the water boils. Remove the leaves and put them on a cutting board and cut into thin strips.

Cook the pasta and drain at 3\4 of the cooking time indicated on the package set aside some of the cooking water. When the chickpeas are well cooked blend with a mixer and place them back in the saucepan add some of the cooking water set aside to ad just the density.

Add the remaining chickpeas and the pasta that will finish to cook. Meantime put a spoon of oil in a pan add the other half of the garlic, the sliced pepper and the cabbage. Flavor and stir continuously. When the pasta is cooked arrange it on a serving platter adjust the cabbage at the center serve hot.

Recipe made by Spadellatissima.