Why La Molisana

La Molisana's Chef Collection represents more than a food service line: it is a new and interactive channel to talk to professional interlocutors and embodies a selection of our best performing products which we dedicate to the foodservice industry.

We are able to offer not only a product of a certified quality for which we control the entire production process but a real brand experience and all the innovative strength of a company that has acquired an experience over 100 years.

La Molisana is part the Ferro Group, millers for over 100 years that built the reputation, expertise and credibility in the selection and purchase of the highest quality of raw materials.

La Molisana is currently one of the few 100% Italian brand able of managing the entire production process: from the selection of the best varieties of durum wheat (link to the page of the raw material) to the finished product, thanks to the joint efforts of Mill and Pasta Factory.

Our competitive advantage revive into a benefit for the consumer. With La Molisana brand, consumers know they are getting a fully traceable product from a company that is committed to guaranteeing consistent quality in both product and processes operates entirely by offering a guarantee of traceability, environmental sustainability and timely intervention on critical issues.



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