Spaghetto Quadrato® 1 Risottato of Cheese and Adriatic Pepper


Spaghetto Quadrato® 1 Risottato of Cheese and Adriatic Pepper



  • Spaghetto Quadrato n.1 La Molisana   320g
  • Light Shellfish broth   1lt
  • Fresh king prawns   400g
  • Pecorino (romano cheese)   200g
  • Butter   100g
  • Onion   80g
  • Bread Crumbs green herb   80g
  • Bacche   20 pz
  • Rosemary flowers   16 pc
  • Tail of king prawn   1 pc
  • Lime   1 pc
  • Extra virgin olive oil   to taste
  • Parsley   to taste
  • Pink pepper   to taste
  • Black pepper   to taste
  • Salt   to taste


In a large non - stick pan sauté the onion with butter and two sprigs of parsley. Add the spaghetti, toast them a few minutes and pour over the shellfish broth to cover the pasta.

Clean the prawns, cut into small cubes and leave to marinate in the fridge for 5-6 minutes with the lime juice, lime zest cut into julienne, the olive oil and a pinch of salt. Continue cooking the pasta by adding from time to time the shellfish broth.

In a bowl, crush the pink peppercorns and add the grated cheese.

In boiling salted water cook the Spaghetto Quadrato® 1, drain when al dente, remove the pan from the heat, leaving the pasta a bit soupy, pour it into the bowl with the grated cheese and red pepper and mix, creating a smooth creamy consistency.

Serve the spaghetti forming a nest on which to lay the diced shrimp with lime and tail of the king prawn.

For the presentation of the dish have some bread crumbs with herbs forming a vertical stripe and on it lay the flowers of rosemary.

Recipe by Donato Moffa for the contest Ilovespaghettoquadrato