Spaghetto Quadrato1 between Broccoli and Cuttlefish


Spaghetto Quadrato1 between Broccoli and Cuttlefish



  • Spaghetto Quadrato n.1 La Molisana   320g
  • Small cuttlefish   500g
  • Fish broth   1lt
  • Dried tomatoes   4 pcs
  • Orange   1 pc
  • Garlic cloves   1 pc
  • Shallot   1 pc
  • Broccolo Romano   1/2 pc
  • Load of bread   1/2 pc
  • Extra virgin olive oil   to taste
  • Pepper   to taste
  • Chili   to taste
  • Parsley   to taste
  • Prosecco   to taste
  • Salt   to taste
  • Thyme   to taste
  • Timo   q.b.


Heat up in a pan the fish broth, in a medium low heat.

Meanwhile, cut the bread into cubes and toast it in the oven for 10 minutes. Keep aside a portion that will serve for decoration.

In another pan, sauté with a little olive oil the shallot, the bread (previously toast in the oven) and the thyme leaves; then add half a glass of sparkling wine and let evaporate. Stir in two tablespoons of fish broth and allow to soften the bread. Then mix in salt and pepper, adjusting the density. Finally whisk to get a smooth sauce.

In another pan, dip the broccoli in boiling water for half an hour to soften them. Drain and immerse in ice water. When they have softened, drain and blend by adding a drizzle of olive oil, salt and a little bit of water.

Sauté in a pan, olive oil, garlic and chili, making sure to remove the garlic before serving the pasta. Adding the cuttlefish cut and clean, the sun-dried tomatoes (cut into strips) and chopped parsley, a little bit of sherry, half orange juice and the zests. Complete the cooking and finally incorporate the cream of broccoli and season with salt.

In boiling salted water cook the Spaghetto Quadrato® 1, drain when al dente and stir in the squid sauce. When the spaghetti will be very creamy remove from heat. Serve in the bottom of the dish and arrange the bread sauce over spaghetti. At last add the toasted bread finely chopped and fresh parsley.

Recipe by Cheeselovespepper for the contest Ilovespaghettoquadrato