Alessio Algherini

Umbro Class 82

How much is determining your region in your way of cooking?
From my origins are born some essential aspects of my personality: the attachment to strong flavors, the simplicity of the recipes, the careful research of raw materials. However, they have exerted a great influence Sardinia and Lombardy. 

A recipe from your childhood that you propose today?
Spaghetti with tomato sauce. My version is with three different types of tomato: the cherry, the plum tomato and dry, and finally a tomato sauce that I do personally. All flavored in a basis of shallot reminiscent of garlic, but less strong. 

Which was the most important the experience for you?
In chronological order, the one with my mom, who gave me the love for cooking, but also the sense of duty and work. Then the experience in Sardinia alongside Augustine Vinci, that was training, to learn how to move in a kitchen. The culmination was the adventure with Sergio Mei. To him I owe my training to 360 degrees, which allows me today to be structured and have a total control over the kitchen: from the purchase, to personnel management, up to the creative aspect. 

How would you define your kitchen today?
Simple in the raw materials, refined in the preparation, a balance between tradition and modernity.
What do you want to convey with your dish?
The passion that I have inside. 

Three adjectives to describe the chef Algherini:
Humble, determined in knowing what I want from me and from my brigade, open to dialogue when it is constructive.
What should have a good chef to come?
Humility to listen to the teacher, disposition to sacrifice and devotion to the cuisine. 

Your love favourite La Molisana shape ....?
Spaghetti Square!

Your motto?
Listen carefully what I'm telling you!