Anna Sammarone

A lawyer lent to fashion, Anna represents the ability to change a default path of life, to follow a dream laid to rest in a drawer. When the dream seems to overflow from the drawer, designer from Molise decides to follow the stream and was swept away by events. After graduation she comes back at the village in Molise and create a studio, where memories of childhood mingle with the experience gathered in the course of life, creates also the first collections designed by her and produced by fairy hands able to enhance soft and silky fabrics and accurate cuts.
It is 2011 and La Molisana is working hard for two years, relaunching the brand to win back the market share. It's pure energy, 100% adrenalin. Behind the scenes is a hive of projects. 

The company is looking for an impacting and distinguishing communication to express the concept of an high Quality product. It's time to dream and be audacious as only fools are.

La Molisana & Anna share the same attention to detail, the careful research typical of a timeless manufacture, in which the raw material is the substance and source of inspiration. Food & Fashion are a sudden illumination and the company committees Anna the first two dresses. Anna Sammarone summarizes in two wonderful dresses the company's dream to controll the integrated supply chain from the selection of the best grains, to the finished product, a positive feature to which the market responds positively. The message gets to the heart and crown the project to see us again among the major players in the market after years of silence. Tulle, veils and volumes giving life a dreamlike vision. Unique pieces for an exclusive, unforgettable product experience.
The dresses were a big hit, going around the world in events and food exhibitions and breaking the routine of contexts in which a dream dress is not expected. Perfectly performing on a newspaper as well as on outdoor billboards, the images of Sartoria della Pasta are able to touch and represent the company with a exclusive, impacting message that tells the Quality and real Made in Italy.