Antonio Saturnino

A natural passion for haute couture and a vocation for the world of luxury and design, Antonio Saturnino works at major national fashion house. >When we met him is 2013 and the year has a great start.
The Italian designer Antonio Saturnino likes the projects and designs the fourth pasta dress. The artist has been inspired by the company's story and its devotion to the raw materials and celebrates a modern goddess made by precious fabrics. Saturnino creates a dress inspired by Rococo, with generous volumes and essential decorum, where the inspiration comes from the traditional clothes of the folklore of Molise. Shiny silk jacquard hosting ears of corn for the bolero. In keeping with the bright pants pinstripe translucent organza, crossed by a thousand shimmering lines, and the shirt of silk organza wavy as the movement of the ears to the wind, the belt drill silk and lurex with a dense texture of small pieces of pasta and golden chains.

The company is about to launch a product able to enhance the great quality of the raw materials: durum wheat of excellent variety, 14% of protein content, fleshy consistency, the brilliant golden color of the wheat fields. 

Explicit homage to the TRADITION is the apron with large rouge, generous layers of organza and the research for fabrics typical of the past as the brocade a dress able to evoke the good dress of the grandmother. The only luxury is in the golden element, that reminds the earth and the grain fields that nourish and that at any time guarantee us our daily bread.