Certiquality ISO 9001:2008
The certification guarantees that the quality of the company's management system is in compliance with respect to a standard of excellence.
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The International Food Standard is an international standard acts to qualify and select the suppliers of food products. Specifically, IFS has been developed by the operators of the mass markets of France and Germany, with the aim to verify food product brands, for retail and wholesale.
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The British Retail Consortium is a global standard specifically for the safety of food processing products. This standard is oriented to guarantee the compliance of the suppliers and certifies the ability of the retailers to guarantee safety and quality of the products sold.
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Kosher Kosher
To obtain the Kosher certificate means to produce food suitable for consumption and in compliance with the Kosher food standards: the guarantee is a complete absence of risks of cross-contamination for the consumers who belong to all social classes and religions, including those intolerant to different foods


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