Connie Groenwegen

Groenewegen is a young up and coming talent, who won in 2011 the Dutch Fashion Award. Her feminine, sensual clothing crosses the border between fashion and art and plays with strong contrasts like open versus closed, or past versus present. 
Strongly influenced by the technology, Groenewegen specializes in knitwear, using a computerized knitting machine, that enables her to combine the qualities of different materials in one single piece of fabric. In a open source philosophy her innovations are accessible to other designers, who are free to use.

When we met her in 2012 the company is growing in terms of market share and these positive outcomes testify that quality always brings to successful results in a contagious and viral domino effects. It's time to dare, invest and research.

Connie Gronenwegen falls in love with the project and creates the third pasta dress mixing up modern technologies and traditional manufacture. She makes up an interesting solution with penne as connection between strips of colorful silk chiffon and mesh fabric in a system that create a new 'pasta' fabric.
The dress dedicated to the INNOVATION is chosen for the first campaign, shooted by a internationally renewed photographer Dirk Vogel and making officially Sartoria della Pasta the brand's manifesto.