First Cooking class@Presso_Milano

Seme di luce Milan at Kook to support non-profit organization Aliante

The charity cooking classes are born 2 years ago with three aims: spreading the culture of healthy eating, networking with excellence food companies and above all giving a support the associations that work hard and often in silence to protect disadvantaged reality.

Following the success of the numerous editions performed in the company, we decided to replicate the formula in Milan, where our partners of Presso kook Sharing will host us in the  unique and innovative location, the first venue in the world designed and furnished as the home of dreams.

Beneficiary of these activities is the Onlus L'Aliante nonprofit organization that since 2000 work alongside adolescents at high risk of exclusion and since 2011 operates as a day center accredited with the Region of Lombardy.

On 26 November at 19.00 first date: Alessio Algherini, Pietro Penna and Daniele Sanna oversee the three kitchens of the concept store and celebrate with their own mood the Spaghetto Quadrato and other formats.

The excellence of the pasta, the elegance of the design, the good wines are declined in a circular sensory journey, full of rhythm, to enjoy 4 sizes, 6 recipes and 3 different personalities and emerging markets.