Cooking classes@Milan - La Molisana&IEO

A new edition of cooking classes in Milan is started, with an important partnership with IEO. Three dates to mark on your calendar: 15 April, 20 May and 18 June.

La Molisana is always supporting the principles of the Mediterranean Diet as healthy food habit. Therefore creared the recipe book collection of  "One course meal" a proposal for complete meals that provide a balanced intake of carbohydrates, proteins , fats, vitamins , minerals and fiber.

The European Institute of Oncology (IEO) has been engaged in scientific research to prevent cancers and in the field of nutrition. The Institute studies the interaction between food and health and is engaged in advocating a sane lifestyle, through  SMART FOOD project.

"This partnership is particularly close to my heart, because we share strongly the content and the work that the Foundation IEO is pursuing thanks to Smart Food - said Rossella Ferro , Marketing Director at La Molisana

scientific evidences demonstrate the impact of the food habits on the occurrence of chronic diseases, that in most cases are the result of a diet rich in fat. ".

La Molisana propose courses in the beautiful location of Presso_Kook Sharing ( Milan), dedicated to the One course Meal , where the art of three emerging chef Alessio Algherini , Pietro Penna and Daniele Sanna will be able to demonstrate that health & taste can be matched at the table with amazing results.

The three chefs, already known to the public of Milan, celebrate pasta in full compliance with the guidelines of the Mediterranean Diet , which advocates the use of cereals and discourages the use of animal protein.

Each culinary meeting will be preceded by an introduction by the group Smart Food that will explain how food is a preventive therapy, which together with caloric restriction should become a rule of life. In conclusion, less is more if the amount in the plate is replaced with an uncompromising quality.


Ogni incontro culinario sarà preceduto da una introduzione a cura del gruppo Smart Food che spiegherà come l'alimentazione sia una terapia preventiva, che insieme alla restrizione calorica, deve diventare una regola di vita. In conclusione less is more, se nel piatto la quantità viene sostituita da una qualità senza compromessi.