Cucina solidale

Charity Cooking Classes are born in order to achieve several purposes. The willing to widespread the culture of well eating meets the intention to support volunteers' associations and to create a network with virtuous food companies and to give them visibility.

In a relaxed atmosphere the volunteers find attentive and open hearted interlocutors to talk about their projects, taking advantage of the great visibility for sensitizing the public to the problems of the social groups that they are tutoring. We are committed to devolve the proceeds to the associations, hoping that our contribute may give them support to carry on their noble aims.

In two years we organized in the facilities inside the factory, about 50 classes and collected about 20.000 € distributed among 10 associations.

Nevertheless in 2014 we signed a partnership agreement with the European Institute of Oncology (IEO) since many years engaged in scientific research in the field of nutrition through the interaction between food and health. IEO & La Molisana set up a series cooking classes in Milan, where talented and emerging chefs show how it is possible to combine the tasteful and intense Mediterranean tradition with the guidelines of an healthy and balanced diet. The 50% of the proceeds were donated to the scientific research.

Moreover in a networking approach we are glad to host in our classes producers of small sized factories, working diligently in the food sector and resulting in a excellent products made according to severe standards. We welcome wine, honey, cheese and beer producers and give them an exclusive stage to talk about their productions, increasing the sell out or empowering their links.