Daniele Sanna

Daniele SannaSardo Class 84

How much is determining your region in your way of cooking?

My homeland is Sardinia. From there I've inherited a lot. The search for strong flavors and contrasting as the pasta with chili tomato sauce and raw shrimp. However strong influences in my cuisine also from my mother or my grandmother from Lombardia, and the period of training spent in Liguria.
A recipe from your childhood that you propose today?
There is a specific recipe. It occurs to me rather an ingredient: the sweet white onion, which I remember as the first aroma of the morning when they wake up!

Which was the most important experience for you?
The four years spent with Chef Sergio Mei. A very rich experience from both points of view: human and professional.

How would you define your kitchen today?
Eclectic, inspired by the origins and respectful of the raw material.
What do you want to convey with your dish?
My world.

Three adjectives to describe the chef : over the top, tenacious, humble.
What should have a chef?
Be able to listen, be patient , sixth sense.
Your favourite La Molisana shape?
Spaghetto Quadrato!