Quality is our ethics, the foundation on which we build our business

Over the past 100 years every day the passion for our work and the constant research for Quality are renewed, respecting those who have always chosen our products

Our mission is, therefore, customer driven, since business performance and output compliance levels are determined by our clients, so they are, effectively, the only people to assess the quality of our products. Our benchmark is thus the satisfaction of customer expectations respecting both values and people, first of all those working to achieve this goal.

We work in teams with workgroups who are motivated, wiling and able to change to keep up with progress in order to ensure a high level quality product. Each of them contributes to the overall quality, so all require scientific knowledge of various kinds and levels, to help them to understand their role and extent of their contribution to the quality of the product.

For this reason the Ferro Group promotes continual training and updating of all players in the process, through company visits and educationals.

Maintaining a high standard of sanitary facilities and infrastructure, providing full transparency and traceability of products, not only protect, but promote the health of consumers, knowing that food production is primarily an ethical issue, an obligation on the part of producers and rights of the citizens.
In addition, company policy has always been committed to operating with a view to reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources and waste production and environmental objectives, which are verifiable annually, propose to reduce its environmental impact.

In a century of work we have learned a crucial lesson : that food production is first and foremost an ethical issue.

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