Food Education Program & One Course Meal

La Molisana invests in food education program

Concerned by rise in obesity, especially amongst children LaMolisana rose to advocate nutritional education according to the Mediterranean Diet, recognized in 2010by Unesco as an Intangibile Cultural Heritage.

Among the fundamental characteristics of the Mediterranean Diet there is the abundance of grains and its derivatives, including the main role of pasta, at the base of The Food Pyramid. Pasta plays a key role in this food group and contributes to another important prerequisite of the Mediterranean Foods: the ability to compose a one course meal. A ONE COURSE MEAL is an excellent time and cost efficient manner to provide a balanced meal that offer all the dietary nutrients needed. Pasta is the main ingredient for any meal because with the simple addition of vegetable, legumes, cheese, meat or fish you not only add character and flavor but also guarantee a balanced consumption of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

In order to represent a further vehicle of transmission of these important guidelines, besides schools and family, La Molisana promoted since 2011 a food education program.

As first we collected in a cookbook 12 recipes of ONE COURSE MEAL based on pasta and made in collaboration with UNIMOL (Università degli Studi del Molise) that we dedicated to the parents of children between 6 and 13 years, a young audience still receptive to change its food habits. The recipes are presented as a practical solution to deal with lunch and dinner. The second book of the collection contains 10 recipes, realized in collaboration with the expert nutritionist Dr. Evelina Flachi, to meet the needs of athletes, lovers of pasta and carbs as a precious source of energy in your diet.

As third step La Molisana decided to support initiatives for the prevention of chronic diseases, because scientific evidences show that food habits determine the occurrence of chronic diseases, that in most cases are the result of a diet rich in fat. Our company signed a partnership agreement with the European Instituteof Oncology (IEO), a National Institutes of Prevention that since many years is engaged in divulging the guidelines of the Mediterranean Diet as the most correct food system. IEO & the Smart Food Program's researchers and nutritionists represent the ideal partner in some initiatives such as seminars, events and courses for educational purposes.

The foremost initiative is a series of cooking classes inMilan, where talented and emerging chefs show how it is possible to combine the tasteful Mediterranean food tradition with an healthy and balanced diet, because learning to eat with taste, is a preventive therapy. Also in agenda the third cookbook of the collection with 18 recipes of ONE COURSE MEAL. Each recipe is furnished by nutritional charts, focus on beneficial ingredients, statistics and tips. The 50% of proceeds from the initiatives go to support research in nutri-genetics and nutri genomics. Participants' warm response testifies how food education may be considered a topical subjects. Scientific evidences have proofed that a sane nutrition is preventive of several diseases, therefore consumers have a critical approach more than ever to food companies and demand for Institutions with high credibility to provide reliable information.