La Molisana @ I Primi d'Italia 2013

La Molisana proposes a full program to live intensely the Festival in a dimension that is perfect for all family.

I primi d' Italia Junior is the area dedicated to children who will be involved in a unique edu-entertainment experience and parents can deal with a pediatrician-nutritionist.

I primi d' Italia Lab is the stage where the chef Peter Brunel enhances our pasta with typical products from Molise Region.

Finally, the young chef Rugiati will create a cooking show, a live show animated by our Squared Spaghetto and the verve of sparkling Tuscan chef!
Fettuccia Riccia

I Primi d'Italia Junior

What is the difference between wheat and durum wheat? Where is pasta originated? What is the perfect bite?
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I Primi d'Italia Lab - Chef Peter Brunel

What are able to create together a chef and a food blogger ? Raise our pasta to the square!
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Cooking Show - Chef Simone Rugiati

Put together a young and limitless chef and a inimitable spaghetto! The result is definitely a show .... or rather a cooking show!

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