Open door factory

From 1912 the pasta factory "La Molisana" has produced quality pasta: no secrets, no magic, only excellent raw materials with integrated and solid competences.

Our factory has no walls, all around is transparent with no filters. This dimension doesn't frighten us, but on the contrary it stimulates our enthusiasm. We are convinced that today companies are committed to offering not only products, but also services. We know that producing an excellent pasta is our job, nevertheless we are also convinced that making the consumer a critical and demanding interlocutor is our mission.

Thanks to our ‘open door' factory policy we welcome people to come and inquire about the pasta production, because the experience has taught that every single witness who falls in love with quality is much more viral and persuasive than thousand commercial campaigns. The advertising is also important, but is basically based on the image, not on the truth, which means values,  behaviors, competences.

Touring the facilities the consumers can get answers to the most frequently asked questions: where the raw materials come from, which is the protein content, why La Molisana is differing from other pasta brand. Only if the answers are reliable and convincing, the consumers are persuaded of the Quality and are able to purchase it with fully awareness.

The tours show the entire production process, beginning with the grinding phase at the Mill and going all the way to the finished product. During the educational a special emphasize is given to the story of one of the few remaining Italian family company.


La Molisana has always hosted school classes, actually most of the company's employees have visited as schoolboy the factory at least once time and the memories of that fascinating trip is still vivid.

The tradition keeps on and the tours are now more stimulating and innovative than ever, because a specialised staff is dedicated to make it an extraordinary and involving brand experience. We aim to stimulate in the kids a critical approach to the quality of the product. Therefore we encourage them to be always demanding and fully responsible in choosing and purchasing only certified products.

During the tour the young consumers visit the pasta factory and are informed about product and company.

Moreover we offer different kinds of tour according to the age of the kids and the interest of the school highlighting either technical, economic or marketing aspects. The most sensitive age range is about 6-13, because they are attentive and responding in both session: the entertainment part, consisting in a manual laboratory and the educational session where the guidelines of the Mediterranean Diet are discussed with the participants.

An initiative that allows us to be closer to the consumer and to be part of the educational projects in partnership with the schools.