Open Door Factory

The Ferro Mill Company and La Molisana Pasta Factory have merged piqueing the interests of both consumers and stakeholders. This merge was an intelligent move on our part making us more competitive. The Ferro Group loves to think of themselves in a glass house where everything around it is transparent with no filters. This dimension is not frightening, on the contrary, it is actually comforting: the idea of being able to demonstrate that passion, together with experience produces quality is exhilarating. It's for this precise reason that the doors to our establishment are always open to schools, buyers and consumers , because every single person who falls in love with quality is far more valuable than a thousand advertising campaigns based on an image, not the truth.

We at La Molisana are privileged to host schools because we are aware that educating the younger generations, showing them that the choice of quality raw materials and the research of certified production processes are essential aspect that they are putting into their trolley, allowing them to become important and aware consumers. Another project we have at heart is nutritional education which is able to confront misinformation and false myths which often spreads through young people.

We believe that it is our duty to give them basic information, in order to allow them to appreciate how a correct and bilance diet has consequences on their health. The Mediterranean diet which is rich in nutritional value and poor in animal fats was nominated an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO on 16th November 2010. Pasta is one of the key ingredients of the diet and is positioned at the base of the food pyramid, which has unique characteristics; it has a high nutritional value, particularly when it is served as a main dish, it is easily digested, it is extremely versatile, economic and sustainable.
Essentially, the message we want to convey, joining those who communicate correct information is that self appreciation begins at the table.