Flavio Ferro

The Plant Director, Flavio Ferro has a steely personality: a tireless worker, and hardened to the challenges of reviving the La Molisana brand, and of course, willing to make sacrifices to achieve the goal.

Flavio has a great passion for durum wheat and motorbikes! When asked what drives him, he states: "When we acquired the brand, we knew we had a major challenge ahead of us. We were virtually starting from scratch trying to revive a century's- old brand that was once a market leader. We had to make some hard choices and major investments that we did not see immediate short-term gains on; however our diligence paid off. Within the first period, we doubled production, saw the benefits of our investments in new packaging lines and storage facilities. It's my job and pleasure to give credit to the guys who worked tirelessly behind the scenes with the same passion and commitment to the brand that I have. Thanks everyone!"