What is Food for art?  it is a kind of spontaneous column,  where a talented chef proposes pasta recipes, inspired by a piece of art. So what you will see in this section are unexpected creations, absolutely original, often the result of a study and a real passion for art.

Who is the chef? Luca Giovanni Pappalardo

What are artists? Those of an national and international scene.

La Molisana support projects that aim to make art accessible to all, as well as endorse the current trend of bringing the haute cuisine closer to lovers and followers, thanks to the plenty of social and digital tools. 

Moreover we believe that this trend also represents a chance to evolve the literacy level in the field of culinary culture" said Rossella Ferro, Marketing Director at La Molisana.

"Art is food for the soul and  food is an art by these two assumptions La Molisana set up the project in order to bring close contemporary art and cuisine. La Molisana's aim is not only a mere stylistic exercise but is to make art accessible for everyone and not just for the elite" said Fabrizio Savigni, Curator of the Project Food for Art.

Chef Luca Giovanni Pappalardo