Luca Giovanni Pappalardo

Luca Giovanni Pappalardo  How much is determining your region in your way of cooking? I'm Sicilian, I live in Bologna and work in Berlin. My way of cooking has strong foundations on which to build a Mediterranean cuisine with global appeal.

A recipe from your childhood that you propose today?
Pasta alla Norma, no doubt.

Which was the most important the experience for you?
University studies in the field of art and literature, the attendance of the great poets and artists, the travels throughout Italy to discover the gastronomic delights by knocking door to door.

How would you define your kitchen today?
A great trip.

What do you want to convey with your dish?

I want my dishes to become a means to get closer to our culture.

Writing books, cooking in a restaurant, taking cooking classes, which of these variations of being a chef is more congenial to you?

I abandoned the idea of a chef who produces events with food, or who simply lives in the kitchen, or that copes the writing just in order to write a cookbook. My wish is to create cultural proects with food through the kitchen.

What should have a good chef to come? 
Good knives, great staff, love for the raw material, desire and madness.

Your love favourite La Molisana shape ....? 
Pacchero and spaghetti and square. Beautiful textures, a real architecture into a pasta shape.

Your motto? 
The more you experiment the more you learn

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