The heart of the pasta factory is the Mill

Only those who can grind their own wheat directly on their own can secure and safeguard the integrity of the wheat in its protein content, calcium and minerals. It is here that the selection process of the best begins, resulting in wheat semolina that will become the purest in quality. "La Molisana" select the raw materials with the most stringent criteria. The grain is processed only if it matches the required quality standards. The quality specialists, with the help of technologically advanced laboratories, certify the quality of durum (wheat), with the aim to ensure that consumers always have the same wheat product and nutritional characteristics.

The number of Mills:
Production capacity: 870 t/d 
Storage capacity 283,000 t
Trench drain: 400 t/h
Surface area: 190,000 square meters of which 43,500 covered square .meters.

1) The storage:
The storage of raw materials is a critical step in preserving grain to ensure a perfect state of preservation.  The "Ferro " team, are well aware of this, making accurate checks on the already harvested grains so that the same happens in ideal weather conditions.  In other words, the grain is guaranteed to the fullest integrity.  The "Ferro" team has available storage facilities in which they observe the strictest hygiene and health standards, with a total storage capacity of over 283,000 m.   

2)The selection:
Wheat is a product of the earth which is rich  in impurities.  Therefore, there is great  importance given to its cleaning transformation process, carried out by specialized equipment which removes all its impurities, such as dust, foreign seeds, stones, straw and non-compliant kernels. Our modern sorter of the manufacturing technology is undoubtedly an asset to our modern day technology, it  selects and ranks discoloured grains and foreign matter in the wheat (based on an optical recognition of diverse impurities). Thanks to the combination of cameras and advanced algorithms they are able to calculate the shape of goods resulting in constant removals of subtle imperfections.   

3) The cleaning
Our company has always been at the forefront of new technologies and products, adopting the pre-milling process  or pre-grinding, for the elimination of  foreign objects that could damage with layers of abrasion and friction conducted on the grains.  This permits you to:
• improve the characteristics of the wheat flour, thanks to the reduced presence of pesticide residues or heavy toxins.
• improve the quality of the wheat flour in regards to colour and the lower ash content.
• reduce analysis activity in the wheat pasta and the susceptibility to heat damage during the drying process.

4) The Grinding:
The final stages of the process involves repeating it several times in order to obtain a purified bran.  The milling transforms the kernels of grain into flour, which through a series of sieves at the densest textures, result in a more refined flour.  

What is the end result? A pure living, semolina wheat flour!

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