The pasta factory was created as the "Molise" craftsman shop in 1912.

Il Molino Il Molino

In the years that followed, the pasta industry grew stronger and "La Molisana" was establishing itself as a leader in the production of durum wheat (semolina) pasta. The intrinsic quality of the product is its ability to keep the balance between the antique culture and the land, using the most up-to-date technology as these are the factors that have determined the success of the historic brand "La Molisana".

Production capacity: 360 t/g subdivided into:
> 192 t/g short pasta
> 132 t/g long pasta
> 36 t/g noodles
PASTA FORMS:139 subdivided into 4 groups:
> Traditional
> Regional (specialities)
> Organic Whole wheat
> Egg based (specialities)

Pasta kneading is an ancient gesture, repeated over the centuries by the hands of many laborious women. Today this gesture is entrusted to "La Molisana", to facilitate the combining of fresh and pure waters from the high peaks of the mountainous "Matese" with fine durum wheat.

The mixture is made slowly resulting in a pasty consistency and the aroma and flavour are heavenly.
The dough is mixed very slowly so that from the fragrant mixture the forms are produced in grace and into a finished product. Magic sheets of dough are cut up into strips, spread onto aluminium rods and are dried before being aired. For each pasta form there is a different process, which reflects the same care and passion that characterizes the cultures and traditions of an antique population.

The pasta "La Molisana" has a precious (almost amber) golden-yellow colour.
Exposing it to the light the pasta reveals a clearness, which indicates the presence of the grain like gems, ready to unite itself with the appropriate form of pasta and the sauce or condiments accompanying it best to enhance its property. It is silky to touch, to taste it reveals a consistency of texture and to smell it gives an intense aroma of wheat.

"La Molisana" stands out for its high protein content, never less than 14%, for its excellent cooking stability and for the absence of residues in the cooking water.

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