Directly from the wheat fields to the Italian tables.

The Ferro Group are important millers from Campobasso, who have acquired the pasta factory "La Molisana" through a strategic convergence in order to manage the entire pasta chain, presenting themselves on the market as a solid reality, synonymous to experience, determination and quality.

The cereal chain processes are complex and involve multiple players including : seed companies, farmers, stackers, traders, millers, bakers, pasta makers, distributors of the finished product and finally the consumers.

All of whom contribute to the global quality of the product, and therefore needing scientific knowledge at various levels and nature to help them to understand and appreciate their role and subsequent contribution to the quality of the final product. For this reason, the Ferro Group promote education and continual training of all the key players in the various sectors through education and company visits.

Maintaining high standards of hygiene in the plant and infrastructure, guaranteeing productive transparency and the traceability of the products, not only safeguards, but promotes the health of consumers through an understanding that food production is, above all, a question of ethics, an obligation on the part of the producers and a right of the citizens.


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