Our factory has no walls, and all around is transparent.

From 1912  the pasta factory "La Molisana" has produced pasta of quality: no secrets, no magic, only the work of excellent raw materials with an integrated  consolidated competence

Our factory has no walls, all around is transparent with no filters, which is what the staff love. This dimension doesn't frighten us, but on the contrary it assures us: making "high quality" pasta  our job, making the consumer the most eco-aware, which is our conscious mission.

This is why we decided to open our doors of the establishment to give the consumer, who perhaps is a little sceptical, the opportunity to come in and ask about the pasta (our job), making everyone happy; because every single witness who falls in love with our quality of work is worth more than a thousand publicity campaigns.  Advertising suggests we are perhaps based solely on our image, but this is not the truth.  The point to share with as many people as possible the "truth" , which are the values and behaviours that inspire our actions.  

"La Molisana" opens the doors of its factories in the belief that it is stimulating the participation of various stages of production; "pasta" the main food of the Mediterranean diet. Learning about how it's made, where the raw materials come from and what protein does it give us? This enhances consumer awareness and gives every one of our consumers more responsibility. 

The visits take  you through the whole factory to illustrate the pasta processing of the whole range of pastas, from grinding the grain in the mill to the realization of the pasta.  This educational experience is an important way to comprehend the dedication of the company and the history in which its linked to the territory of "Molise".  

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