The integrated supply chain

We will never tire of saying that if there is one thing that makes us different from our competitors is the ability to offer a product for which we control the entire production process. This difference begins with the grain and goes all the way to the finished product that the consumer buys at the shelf. With the La Molisana brand, consumers know they are getting a fully traceable product from a company that is committed to guaranteeing consistent quality in both product and processes.

Pasta is a simple food made of semolina and water. To ensure that the finished product is excellent, both raw materials must be of excellent quality.

We manage the entire supply chain – that is a top priority to us. Mother Nature provides the first essential ingredient – pure water that flows from the Matese Mountains which are situated some 1850m (1,150 miles) above Campobasso. The second ingredient is the purest grain from which the semolina is born. La Molisana is able to provide this guarantee because we are passionately devoted to producing the highest quality pasta product onthe market. Purchasing the best and most nutritious raw materials is not something that you can improvise on; you have to know the market and the most reliable suppliers. La Molisana is part the Ferro Group, millers for over 100 years and who over four generations have built the reputation, expertise and credibility in the selection and purchase of the highest quality, most prized varieties of durum wheat – all certified and traceable.

To get a pasta that is hearty, with high protein content and the perfect golden, yellow color, it is necessary to carefully select and mix different varieties of wheat – mostly Italian, but with some imported (mainly from the US, Canada, or Australia) that is high in protein.

The unique skill and knowledge has been passed on through the Ferro family for four generations. We know that the only way to ensure the integrity of the dough and make sure our proprietary recipe with the right levels of protein, calcium and minerals is to grind the durum into semolina ourselves. In our Mill, the wheat is selected under the strictest criteria. Another thing that we do differently than our competitors is to every variety of wheat has it's "passport" all the way back to the kernel from which the wheat is grown. This is a requirement for all of the product that we receive into our Mill: a protocol that certifies the origin of the wheat and provides detailed information about its production and producer.

It is also important to have high storage capacity. This allows us to ensure consistent quality throughout the production process and protects us from price fluctuations in the marketplace. Our silos, made of reinforced concrete, can store 265 thousand tons (530 million pounds) which makes us a leader in Europe. The soft grinding process is the method that we prefer to use when transforming the wheat to semolina. It is a slow and time-consuming process in which the grain is gradually ground through countless gentle gradations that maintains the integrity of the heart of the grain, which is key to getting the purest semolina. The rest takes place in the pasta factory. The result of this work is a pasta with a protein value never lower than 14%, a low ash content of 0.82, a high index of yellow color that is never less than 27 Minolta points, and finally a toughness index of 85, which is a key factor delivery a hearty cooked product.

Nature offers its best, the skills of experts create excellence, the integrated supply is the guarantee.