Sartoria della pasta

La Molisana manages to succeed in the impossible task of combining the exclusive quality of the artisan trade with the dimensions of industrial production, resulting in a product which is nutritionally balanced and crafted with passion. 

The company conveys the calling for excellence using an inspiring and unusual analogy between food & fashion, two icons that represent the Made in Italy throughout the world. Therefore exploring the affinities of these environments, La Molisana set up The Tailor Made Pasta project: an amazing pasta dress collection, implemented with the contribution of talented designers from all over the world. The dresses are committed to communicate the brand character and values.

2011 DREAM La Molisana works hard for two years relaunching the brand to win back the market share. It's pure energy, 100% adrenalin. Behind the scenes is a hive of activities. It's time to dream and be audacious as only fools are.
The Italian designer from Molise Anna Sammarone creates two fabulous dresses decorated with pasta. Tulle, veils and volumes giving life a dreamlike vision that well represents the company dream of completing the integrated pasta chain. Unique pieces for an exclusive, unforgettable product experience.

2012 INNOVATION The company is growing in terms of market share and these positive outcomes testify that quality always brings to successful results in a contagious and viral domino effects. It's time to dare, invest and research. 
Connie Gronenwegen a visionary Dutch designer falls in love with the project and creates the third pasta dress mixing up modern technologies and traditional manufacture. She makes up an interesting solution with penne as connection between strips of colorful silk chiffon and mesh fabric in a system that create a new 'pasta' fabric.

2013 BACK TO THE ORIGINS The years have a great start. The strong commitment has borne fruit. Many projects. The company is about to launch a product able to enhance the great quality of the raw materials: durum wheat of excellent variety, 14% of protein content, fleshy consistency, the brilliant golden color of the wheat fields. The Italian designer Antonio Saturnino likes the projects and designs the fourth pasta dress. The artist has been inspired by the company's story and its devotion to the raw materials and celebrates a modern goddess made by precious fabrics.