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The People

Four cousins.Four Personalities.One Goal.

Since the Ferro Group bought La Molisana, it has grown from virtually disappearing to become the 5th largest pasta company in its' home market of Italy. This is a testament to the three years of hard work and the dedicated commitment to turning the flailing brand around. Leading the team is Vincenzo Ferro, a third-generation miller who manages to maintain a bridge between the past (by maintaining the artisanal techniques previous generations) and the present and future (by overseeing the innovative remodel and restructure of the company). The successful turn-around and growth of La Molisana is because of the hard work and dedication of the team who passionately strive to achieve the goals and exceed the expectations of the four cousins who jointly own the Ferro Group.

Rossella Ferro

The face of La Molisana is Rossella Ferro, a passionate woman, devoted mother and award-winning businesswoman: a tightrope walker.

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Flavio Ferro

The Plant Director, Flavio Ferro has a steely personality: a tireless worker, and hardened to the challenges of reviving the La Molisana brand, and of course, willing to make sacrifices to achieve the goal. 

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Francesco Ferro

The Mill Plant Manager that manages and monitors. He does not like the limelight and wants to talk about is his work, as can be seen from the image!

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Giuseppe Ferro

The CEO of the company, Giuseppe is forward-thinking man with a vocation in finance and a lifetime spent in durum wheat.

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Vincenzo Ferro

For many, Vincenzo is an atypical business man – he is passionate about art and culture.

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