We have squared the circle!
La Molisana presents the news of the year: SQUARED SPAGHETTI
A true excellence: from only 6 months on the shelves and is already an undisputed best seller.
The focus is on the novelty of the form, able to break the routine of a daily ritual, like the pasta is, that represents a inevitable moment for every Italian. The squared shape indeed surprises the palate with a new texture, becoming a prolonged, taste experience that seems infinite.

"The Spaghetto Quadrato is unique and inimitable and who tastes it cannot do without," says Giuseppe Ferro, CEO of the company, which continues "you have to try it to understand its value."
"The name has been registered and we are planning to create a line of squared shapes and soon we will add the Spaghettino and then who knows ..." says Marketing Director Rossella Ferro.

At its ace in hole, the company devotes a multi-channel campaign on web and outdoors effective platforms.
Follow us and discover how to become protagonists with the legendary Spaghetto Square .....
How not to fall in love!


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