Nicola Fossaceca

Those who had the opportunity to see him at work have noticed the elegance of someone has been touched by the talent. Nicola is reserved and humble in spite of an amazing curriculum, especially for his young age.

After graduating at the Institute of Termoli, he becomes student of famous chefs Uliassi and Genovese and has attended sacred places like the Etoile of Chioggia and the Alma Colorno, until 2009, when he was awarded the title of Emerging Young Chef .
When was 27 has been entered the JRE Restaurants Jeunes d'Europe Association, that at the motto Talent and Passion, brings together about eighty of the most brilliant representatives of haute cuisine in a pact of solidarity, friendship and exchange of ideas. Last important award given in order of time was the allocation of Michelin star in 2012.

He expresses his talent every day in the family restaurant At the Metro of San Salvo Marina where he grew up with His parents and brother. The restaurant strikes for the simplicity of the rooms as if it would convey the words of Coco Chanel "less is more". Bright, spartan, furnished with a few table of design, it is able to inspire intimacy and reflects the confidential nature of the landlord.
Each recipe is the point of convergence between a personal archive of memories, tastes of tradition and the constant search for innovation. His inspiration always comes from fresh ingredients of the territory.

"My cuisine starts with the search of raw materials available in the area and the cooking takes particular care to preserve the integrity of the product»

We've tasted his cooking and can add that it is ascetic and intense, as if keeps a secret inside, that is revealed only after the first taste. Well recognizable flavors characterize his preparations.
You'll like it likes because it does not intend to get an immediate approval, but it expresses a deep substance made of continuous research of quality.