A laboratory to taste, share and compare

In the establishment  of "La Molisana" the workshop is founded as a special place where you can find aprons, stoves, cooking utensils, pots and pans  along with  spices that take the place of instruments and machines. In the "pasta workshop", as in millions of homes, when after boiling water and the addition of salt, put the pasta in and wait till the right cooking point.  This ancient but simple gesture carried out with awareness and love acquires a precious value, because it's the sign of welcoming and love that we want to re-acquire

Guided by our experts, our senses are the judges when tasting our product.. During our journey of the senses we learn that the pasta has a unique yellow golden color, exposed in the counter light, showing a wheat field, indicating the presence of the single  grain, it is silky to the touch, taste and smell and reveals a consistency calibrated with an intense aroma of wheat.  

Entertaining and educational moments enliven the workshops, seminars, cooking classes and taste testings which are all aimed at a target of experts, enthusiasts and newcomers. The workshops are also designed as a point of reference for chefs around the world to deepen their knowledge of pasta, the main ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine,  through moments of encounter and comparison..  Another objective of our project is to open the doors of creativity as a food blogger, attracting members of the new frontier  using  global communication as receptors of ideas, reading multiple messages from passionate food lovers.

"The purpose of our project is to shorten the distance between populations and, last but not least, bringing people  of diverse cultures together,  even if it is only at the dinner  table".

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