Following the acquisition by Semolerie Ferro, La Molisana has become a vertically integrated company, controlling the entire life cycle of the product, starting from the selection of best wheat in the world to the milling inside the facility and finally to the production of pasta.
Product innovation and experience of four generations enable us to meet the needs of HORECA segment who require excellence of raw materials and reliability in transformation processes.
With Collezione da Chef La Molisana introduces to professionals a range of customized products especially attuned to the needs of express cooking. Over 20 shapes made by durum wheat with an high protein content -never less than 14%- that assures tenacity, firmness and resilience in cooking stress. Moreover the bronze wire drawing endows the surface with a rough texture that captures the sauces and doubles the pleasure, while offering a delightful consistency.
With Grandi Cucine La Molisana proposes to Quick Service Restaurants a quality pasta able to assure cooking speed and outstanding tenacity. The careful selection of quality wheat and the teflon wiredrawing enable our product to be pre-cooked and then finished few seconds before serving, so reducing the preparation time during rush-hour in the restaurant Our experts customized for this range a specific drying treatment and temperature, so obtaining a resistant surface, which helps in keeping the original shape and firmness in finishing phase.


Excellent cooking firmness

The secret of a good cooking performance lies in the properties of durum wheat and the bran derivative's gluten quality. The higher the gluten content is the better the quality of the product results.

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Teflon or Bronze wiredrawing?


Drawing is the processing phase in which pasta passes through a metal matrix with holes that have different shapes and sizes depending on the format to be obtained.

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Cooking time


For what concerns us the time shown on the package is functional to obtain "al dente" cooking and refers to a product in which the inner part is still raw, thus allowing the chef to continue the preparation of food according to the recipe.

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Balanced and delicate flavor


According to Italian law, durum wheat semolina pasta cannot be added flavorings of any kind.

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Discover our range of long and short pasta and the uniqueness of the inimitable Spaghetto Quadrato® the cult product that has enchanted consumers and chefs for its cooking performance and its original shape that teases the palate.