Pietro Penna

Pietro PennaSalentino Classe 84

How much is determining your region in your way of cooking?
Crucial because it introduced me to a kitchen of rural simplicity, able to find in nature all sorts of raw material. The Salento is a source of inspiration. Land of mirages, windy and full of sweetness.

A recipe from your childhood that you propose today?
Octopus and potatoes in elegant version. My touch is in technique of preparation... since it's not possible to cook with sea water, I recreate a similar taste with salt scented of algae.

Which was the most important experience for you?
The one with Sergio Mei for 3 years, at the Hotel Four Season, because it was decisive from a professional point of view of and unique for the beauty of the human relationship. I took the chef's enthusiasm and desire to have fun, the ability to bring in the kitchen the rural simplicity and the ability to find in nature all sorts of raw material. And then certainly the experience at the George V in Paris, who introduced me to the innovative and creative kitchen. Of all the experiences, certainly the most noble.

How would you define your kitchen today?
Real, rural and concrete.

What do you want to convey with your dish?
My spiritual side. My moods. My values.

Three adjectives to describe the chef Penna:
Hungry for knowledge,tenacious, with a hint of "evil good"

What should have a chef?
Devotion for the profession and humility to learn and to teach.
Your favourite La Molisana shape?
Spaghetto Quadrato!

Your motto?
Modesty is a great virtue .... but we do not have the (said by a great teacher ... I agree!!)