Exploring land & people

From 1912 La Molisana produces Quality pasta, thanks to the excellent raw materials and consolidated competences. In 2011 La Molisana starts a new era after the acquisition by the Ferro Group. Ferro, family of millers since 1910, has the prerogative, common to only 10% of food companies operating in the industry, to manage the entire chain of pasta: from the wheat to the table.

Thanks to the integrated competences of masters millers and pasta makers Pasta La Molisana has an unmistakable yellow color, is characterized by an intense aroma of grain and offers a high protein value neverless than 14% and high toughness.

Since we are convinced that passion always produces good results, we decided to open the doors of the factory to the consumer  because every single witness who falls in love with Quality  is worthy more than thousand advertising campaigns.

On 2th and 3th July La Molisana organizes in the plant the Press Day: an experience to know a fascinating production and discover gastronomic and cultural treasures of an unexplored region.


Open door company 

The visits illustrate the pasta processing, from grinding the grain in the mill to the realization of the pasta. This experience is an occasion to learn the history and our strong commitment toward the territory.

Stories from the land

Norberto Lombardi

The professor, writer, historian and member of the Molise General Council of Italians Abroad, draws the common thread that unites the traditions of the Samnites with Molise's gastronomic culture of nowaday.







Michele Tanno

The agronomist and researcher from Campobasso, president of Arca Sannita, known for great experience and personal commitment to protect the environment from Molise and its peculiarities, tells us about his work. More than thirty years in search of the old varieties of fruit to save them from extinction in order to create a genetic bank to preserve the treasures of a land to be discovered.







Exploring our food 

Chef Bobo

The popular  chef resident at the restaurant Ribo Termoli, will conduct a cookingshow highlighting the best shapes of La Molisana along with the excellence of the territory.  He knows everything and everyone of this land, including culinary virtues and vices. His manifesto is a fair and solidarity table.





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