A sustainable future

For us at La Molisana sustainability has a very specific and practical meaning, which we try to carry out with conviction (and at times with difficulty) on a daily basis.

Sustainability for us entails the adoption of good deeds which, when implemented by individuals and promoted convincingly spread like wildfire, helping to undermine old paradigms and trigger collective intentions and virtuous behaviour.

Sustainability for us is believing we can grow inspired by values such as integrity, responsibility and awareness, that determine the success of a company that aims not only economic goals, but also social values that benefit the whole community. This effectively encourages us to pursue co-marketing and partnership actions. In a constant search for production realities and talented professionals inspired by these values,  we aim to create a network of excellence in which the achievement of quality and sustainability are an integral part of the business.

Sustainability is having a concerned attitude of openness towards the community, and believing that the pursuit of profit is essential for a company but also compatible with charitable causes.

As a result of this, we launched our ‘Solidarity Cooking Classes', conceived as moments of aggregation, where a unique experience in product marketing activities coexist with an ear to the realities of the territory.

Sustainability for us means that if every child who crosses the threshold of the company takes home something more than the free packet of pasta, such as the desire to always choose quality, then we will have sent home the message that self appreciation is important.

Sustainability means that we are not a company running in pursuit of profit at all costs, but we invest in real people and cultural education, because we have learned a valuable lesson:

consciousness is the primary source of business excellence.