Romeo&Juliet 2.0@ Milan_Love & Pasta 

Spring means Love& Passion, romanticism, as celebrated by Shakespeare in his most popular tragedy  Romeo & Juliet.

But what is love made of in 2.0 era? A 21th century's  love definitively needs smartphone and tablets to twitt and chat with friends every single emotion!!

La Molisana sponsors the amazing event  " Romeo & Juliet " on April 10th in Milan@Presso, Via Paolo Sarpi 60 at 6 p.m. In the party dedicated to the most appreciated feeling, it could not miss a romantic scale, music, aphrodisiac food and a lots of devises to share a super romantic atmosphare!

So don't miss the occasion to taste pasta La Molisana in a special evening with exceptional partners, besides La Molisana, as Fontanot, Sony ,Nintendo, with dj set, showcooking, pasta tasting.

don't miss it!


What else can never be love, if not a very secret madness, stifling a bitterness, and a healthy sweetness?

from "Romeo e Juliet" by William Shakespeare



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