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Sartoria della pasta dal 1912

"When I was a child I could have been gazing for hours at the grains, while they have been unloaded. It seemed an huge ocean overflowing down from the trucks, with its yellow color and an intense aroma, which I would be able to recognize wherever, as it happens with the flavor of our beloved persons.

I saw my father and my uncle choosing the best batch of grains just smelling the aroma. So I learned that the Quality is something that you can get in love with."

La Molisana has successfully combined traditional, artisanal quality with state-of-the art production, resulting in a high quality, nutritionally balanced pasta. Now we are combining the two iconic things that represents Made in Italy to the world – Food and Fashion.

"Made in Italy," it's not just about products, it's about our value system always in balance between innovation and tradition. This world is much more durable in time as much is able to develop through the research and to preserve the richness of the past. The common threads with the "sartoria" are basically the strict criteria to select the raw materials, the careful attention to the details and artisan trade abilities.

"Just as we have continued with the tradition of turning the best semolina and the purest water into an excellent pasta, talented designers have work the best fabrics to give life to unique collections" says Rossella Ferro, Marketing Director. Moreover to create a new and exclusive brand image La Molisana created the "Sartoria della Pasta" or the Tailor Made Pasta, an amazing pasta dress collection, implemented with the contribution of talented fashion designers from all over the world.

Connie Groenwegen

Groenewegen is a young up and coming talent, who won in 2011 the Dutch Fashion Award. Her feminine, sensual clothing crosses the border between fashion and art and plays with strong contrasts like open versus closed, or past versus present.

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Anna Sammarone

A lawyer lent to fashion, Anna represents the ability to change a default path of life, to follow a dream laid to rest in a drawer. When the dream seems to overflow from the drawer, designer from Molise decides to follow the stream and was swept away by events.

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Antonio Saturino

A natural passion for haute couture and a vocation for the world of luxury and design, Antonio Saturnino works at major national fashion house.

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