Last year La Molisana hosted to many students from all over Italy in a wide age-range, coming for educational visits.
We had so much fun, that we look forward to be back in September with some great ideas and activities….

Capturing the attention of restless kids or bored teens is not an easy job, but we've got it: in the past year the visits were a real success, since we were able to offer a unique product experience.

Next year we will offer a focus on the Mediterranean diet, the healthiest nutrition program. Supported by experts and through teaching tools the visits are going to be occasion to talk about the influence of a correct nutrition habits on the health.

Through a mix of teaching and playing moments and supported by the aid of Spighetto - the character created exclusively for La Molisana- we ensure an enjoyable and stimulating way to learn while having fun. Our aim is to introduce the complete main course as practical solution for the mums and healthy proposal for the kid.

Moreover we are persuaded that curiosity is a kind of intelligence, therefore let go of interactive games and try to teach them to experiment and experiment and experiment…..


Project manager: Damiano Piccirillo
Tel: 0874. 4981
fax: 0874.629584
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