Seme di luce

Engagement has a very specific and practical meaning and we are motivated to carry it out with conviction and sometimes with difficulty.

Engagement for us entails the adoption of good deeds which, that implemented and promoted convincingly by individuals are able to spread a positive message and to break old paradigms, triggering collective intentions and virtuous behavior.

Engagement for us is believing we can grow inspired by values such as integrity, responsibility and awareness, that determine the success of a company that aims not only economic goals, but also social values that benefit the whole community. This effectively encourages us to pursue co-marketing and partnership actions, in a constant search for production realities and talented professionals inspired by these values, to create a network of excellence in which the achievement of quality and Engagement are an integral part of the business. Engagement is having a concerned attitude of openness towards the community, and believing that the pursuit of profit is essential for a company but also compatible with charitable causes.

Inspired by these values in 2012 La Molisana founded Seme di Luce, the charity brand which gathers together all of our charity initiatives. The logo represents two seeds symbols of light and life joined and supporting each other. Their intersection represents a fertile womb, able to create other seeds in an ongoing cycle.

To make stronger connection with the territory Seme di Luce developed long terms projects to support charity associations. The real commitment is not the economic amount to be donated, but the involvement of people spending time and resources to create a network, to generate interest and give information.

Cucina solidale

Charity Cooking Classes are born in order to achieve several purposes. The willing to widespread the culture of well eating meets the intention to support volunteers' associations and to create a network with virtuous food companies and to give them visibility.

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Talent Scout

We strongly believe in a deserve-based society, since we have experienced than only hard work, a sincere enthusiasm and a disposition for sacrifice have as result the achievement of one's aim, with positive effects for the whole community.

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