Seme di luce:the new charity brand by La Molisana

Seme di luce is the charity brand which gathers all our charity initiatives and projects.
The logo was inspired by some patients of the Open Lab Cooperative in Campobasso, helped by their tutors.

When they introduced the project to us, it was revealed that the seeds are symbols of light and life, joined and supporting each other.
Their intersection represents a fertile womb, able to create other seeds in an ongoing cycle.

In 2001 a group of parents belonging to the CSM (Center of Mental Health) who had children with mental health problems, set up an Open Lab Cooperative.
The Cooperative aims to break down prejudices towards mental health issues and to promote a view of people who suffer from them as being a valuable resource in society. This is possible only through a process of continuous training on various craftsmanship techniques.

The training uses the technique of place & train, a teaching system that bypasses theoretical teaching and provides hands-on practical experience.

The first initiative is to create a gadget:the bracelets Talent Scouts made with pasta.
These bracelets were first launched at the Cibus food exihibition in May 2012 in Parma, because the combination of food&fashion  of Tailor Made Pasta is a good expression of the concepts of high quality and authentic Made in Italy products.

Furthermore the bracelets are named Talent Scouts because part of the proceeds will be donated to a foundation set up to support young talented people who are economically disadvantaged and who would like to continue their studies at college.

We would like the project to become increasingly influential and to inspire an approach to life based on the principles of solidarity.