Concerned by rise in obesity, especially amongst children, as well as the trend for short term fat diets, La Molisana rose to advocate nutritional education according to the Mediterranean Diet, recognized in 2010 by Unesco as an Intangibile Cultural Heritage. 
Among the fundamental characteristics of the Mediterranean Diet is the abundance of whole grains and its derivatives, including the main role of pasta, the base of The Food Pyramid. Pasta play e principal role in this food group and contributes to another important prerequisite of the Mediterranean Foods:  their ability to compose a one dish-meal.

A one dish-meal is an excellent time and cost efficient manner to provide a balanced meal that offer all the dietary nutrients needed. Pasta is the start ingredient for any meal because whit the simple addition of vegetable, legumes, cheese, meat or fish you not only add character and flavor but also guarantee a balanced consumption of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

As a first step we chose to take a position with respect to food education for children between 6 and 13 years, a young audience quite receptive to spread this concept to friends and family. With the support of the chef Spighetto, a funny character, we suggest 12 recipes of ONE COURSE MEAL as practical solution to deal with lunch and dinner, versatile, since it is declinable in many ways and perfectly balanced from a nutritional point of view. With the help of our faithful Spighetto we have also started an awareness campaign for nutritional education in our schools.

As second step we created a cookbook of 10 recipes, in collaboration with the expert nutritionist Dr. Evelina Flachi, to meet the needs of athletes, lovers of pasta and carbs as a precious source of energy in your diet. These recipes have sport lovers at heart, as you take care of your bodies in a holistic and progressive manner. In fact, both La Molisana and athletes share a passion for a balanced lifestyle grounded in healthy eating and regular exercise.

As third step La Molisana has recently signed a partnership agreement with the European Institute of Oncology (IEO) since many years engaged in scientific research in the field of nutrition through the the interaction between food and health. Thanks to a pioneering approach that combines the use of new science with the commitment to prevention through lifestyle, IEO with the SMART FOOD PROJECT committed researchers, nutritionists and doctors to select protective foods for health.

IEO represents, through the Smart Food Program, the ideal partner in some initiatives such as the organization of seminars, events and courses for educational purposes. Therefore IEO & la Molisana set up a series of three cooking classes at Presso-Kook Sharing (Milan), the upcoming dates May 20 and June 18, where talented and emerging chefs show how it is possible to combine the tasteful and intense Mediterranean tradition with the respect to an healthy and balanced diet.

Also in agenda the third cookbook of the collection with 18 recipes of ONE COURSE MEAL, presented during the cooking classes. Main topic of the cookbook will be therefore the nutritional prevention of chronic diseases. Science helps us to choose what to eat in order to maximize our chances of health: do not forget that an healthy diet is also tasty, varied and suitable for all ages and needs. Each recipe will be accompanied by picture, nutritional charts and a focus on beneficial ingredients, statistics and tips.

"The Foundation supports the IEO to raise funds in carrying research - said Daniela Pezzi, - General Secretary FIEO . "Our partnership with La Molisana allow us to contribute directly to the objective of promoting health, as the proceeds from the initiatives of the cooking classes will go entirely to support research in nutrigenetics and nutritional genomics."