Vincenzo Ferro

For many, Vincenzo is an atypical business man – he is passionate about art and culture.

As an entrepreneur, he has spent his lifetime learning about the pasta market, learning about raw materials and has developed a strong work ethic with his father and brother along the way. Vincenzo reflects on the past with gratitude and keeps an eye toward the future with cautious optimism.

"My father used to say that there are two kinds of kings: one who conquers and one who protects his borders. We have built a strong reputation for our knowledge of quality grains. I have vivid memories of watching my father picking up grains and inspecting them simply by using his senses. He taught me that once you know quality, you fall in love with it. Now it is up to my sons and nephews to carry on the tradition. They knew their choice to join the company was going to be challenging, today we manage the entire supply chain so we are able to combine great business with a strong social commitment – we respect the people and the land. The great efforts we are giving today will help us to continue to achieve great performance in the future."