By many Vincenzo Ferro is considered a weird businessman, because of his vocation for culture. He spends his whole life trying to understand the market, deeply familiarising himself with the raw materials and creating an ethic along with his father and brother.
Therefore he looks at the past gratefully and at the future with a contagious enthusiasm.

My father used to say that there are two kinds of imperators: the one who conquers and the one who preserves the boundaries.
We have worked to build a deep competence and credibility in respect to the raw materials.
I've seen many times my father pick up the grains and evaluate the quality of it using his senses. He taught me that once you know the quality, you fall in love with it.
Now it is up to my sons and nephews: they knew how challenging is their choice, but felt it as due towards the territory they belong to. To set up the entire supply chain of pasta is a strong and positive message moreover in these days.