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BRONZE DRAWING  CASES PER LAYER n.12 (1000g) / n.4 (3000g)
Along with pizza, sun and mandolino the word “Maccheroni” represents the made in Italy in foreign countries! Our maccheroni are a real cult. For all those who love the pasta with a full-bodied consistency, a very impressing thickness and an irregular texture, this shape is perfect. The chef offers us the tasty, with anchovies and black olives from Gaeta. Buon appetito!

cooking time

13 min.

double cooking time

6½ min. / 1 min.

pre-cooking / finish-cooking

Double cooking instructions


Bring water to boiling point (optimal ratio: 1 liter of water each 100 grams of pasta) and add salt to taste 8optimal ratio: 10 grams of salt each liter of water). After salt has dissolved and water is boiling again, pour pasta into the water and stir frequently.


Drain pasta according to the precooking time on the pack.

Blast chilling

Place pre-cooked pasta into a blast chilled at 4°C. Refrigerate and use within 48 hours.


Boil pasta again in salted water for about 40/60 seconds. Drain and sauté with the sauce.

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