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DISCOVER this is not simply pasta, this is the story of a family that has been carefully selecting and milling only the finest durum wheat for four generations and that controls the whole production chain, from grain to table. STONE DEBRANNED WHEAT stone debranning is a modern technology that uses an ancient method to purify every single grain of wheat whilst keeping its original qualities intact. OUR CLASSIC PASTA Bronze-die extrusion MILLERS FOR FOUR GENERATIONS PURE MOUNTAIN AIR CRYSTAL-CLEAR SPRING WATER ONLY ITALIAN STONE DEBRANNED WHEAT THE FOUR CARDINAL POINTS 100 YEARS OF PASTA the classiche rough and sturdy Over 14% protein stands up very well to cooking, genuine and easy to digest Over 50 shapes AIR AND WATER THE GENEROUS NATURE OF MOLISE At 730 metres high, the mountain air perfectly preserves the wheat and ensures that the pasta dries in the utmost purity. The spring water for our pasta arrives fresh and cool from the Parco del Matese. With its mineral properties and low sodium content, it’s perfect for making our pasta genuine and easy to digest. WHEAT AND STONE THE WISDOM OF THE TECHNIQUE Since 1910, our Mill has been grinding the finest durum wheat - wheat with an intense aroma, light yellow colour and high protein content. Stone debranning purifies every single grain of wheat whilst keeping its original qualities intact, for a bronze-die extruded pasta that is rough, firm, and stands up excellently to cooking. DISCOVER the classiche THE WATER OF MOLISE THE QUALITY OF THE MATESE The pure and cold spring water of the Matese is drawn from the heart of the earth in the Riofreddo area, at 506 metres above sea level. With a low-dry residue, a low-sodium and nitrate content it is consistently light. SUSTAINABILITY 100% RECYCLABLE DISCOVER the classiche



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